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UnBosque is the result of a project initiated between then president Alvaro Uribe Velez and US Ambassador William Wood to find solution to the high number of displaced persons who had been forced from rural Colombia during the years of conflict.

Through smaller test projects, the developers proved the concept that it is possible to create wealth, social stability, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability with the right type of projects in rural Colombia. In 2012  Un Bosque S.A.S was llegaly organized. Today after 13 years of research, development, planning and financing, the UnBosque reforestation and reconciliation project has begun its rollout. UnBosque will develop large tracts of land that has been damaged by years of destructive land use practices into commercial forest , agribusiness and homes for thousands of formerly displaced persons, into a place, where real time reconciliation can occur among former combatants in the half century long civil war. The anticipated economic prosperity will allow workers to own their own homes, and enjoy long and rewarding careers.