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Treat all people and enviroment with respect and dignity

Creating Wealth, Social Stability, Economic Prosperity & Environmental Sustainability

Un bosque will execute a 30 year forestry proyect in remote areas of Colombia utilizing technical and organizational Best Demostrated Practices.

Financial Impact

Social Impact

Enviroment Impact


Oportunity For High Quality Hardwood Lumber

 Growing Demand: Demand for high quality hardwood lumber continues to grow.
- Projected to increase at rate of world population growth

Shrinking Supply: Natural forest continue to be destroyed
-  13 million hectares destroyed per year

"By 2020 60% of the world´s supply of lumber must come from cultivated forest"

Cultivated Forest in Colombia

Right Climate Conditions

The right environmental conditions
for growing timber
Rain -Sun - Soil
"A tree can grow 5 times faster
in parts of Colombia than North America"

Labor availability with good productivity

High worker productivity
- USGC estimates that Colombian workers are 27% more productive than their North American counterparts
Colombia pays rates including benefits
- Competitive
- Sustainable - "livable wage"

Availability of inexpensive land

Depleted and deforested lands are available at reasonable prices.

Best Demostrated Practice

Tecnical Approach

- Proven methods that insures the production of the highest quality and quantity wood

* Planting
* Cultivating
* Harvesting
* Processing

Organizational Approach

- Proven systems that automatically aligns the interest:

* Capital -ROI
* Labor - personal Prosperity
* Society - Social Stability
* Environment - Sustainability

Best Demostrated Practice
Technical Approach

Comprrehensive "Best Demostrated" approach to forestry that optimizes social stability, individual prosperity, environmental sustainability
1. Approach to forestyry
* Active quality management cultivation, husbandry, harvesting  & processing
2. Approach to the Environment
*Restores & protects the environment
3. Approach to social Responsibility
* provides opportunuties & social stability

Better Results

Mixed Forest

Multiple species of native and exotic trees
* Benefit from different land conditions
* Different maturity rates
* Species Include:
Spanish Cedar, Teak, Oak, Balsa, Paulownia, Acacia, Mahogany, Sapan, Flor Morado, Amarillo, Pink Cedar, Saladillo Rojo...

Continuous Operation

Planting, cultivating, harvesting and
processing proceed year -round
over the life of the proyect

* Proportionate planting
* Drip irrigation
* Continuous cultivation
* RESE harvesting
* Finish processing
1. Better Quality & prices
2. Stable Employement

Vertical Integration

Value added performed within the proyect boundaries

Better prices

Lower transport cost

Restorative agriculture

Animal and trees raised together (silvopastoral)

֎ Trim grass
֎ Organic fertilizer
֎ Milk & Meat
֎ Shade
֎ Organic matter

Over 12.000 Jobs

* Planting
* Contiuous cultivating
* Harvesting
* Milling/Processing
* Agribusiness
* Construction
* Transportation
* Management